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Crusader Caravans Melbourne has compiled a series of videos to assist you throughout your purchasing journey and beyond. Our Caravan Walkthrough Videos provide detailed insights to help you make an informed decision, while our Handover Tutorial Videos guide you through your new caravan before and after pick-up. If you have any requests for additional how-to videos, please get in touch

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Weight Calculator

Ensure your towing setup is safe and compliant with our Weight Calculator. Enter your caravan’s full load weight, your vehicle’s specifications, and towing capacity to accurately assess whether your setup meets legal requirements. This tool simplifies the process of determining towing compatibility and safety margins, guiding you to make necessary adjustments for a secure journey.

Finance Calculator

Use our Finance Calculator to easily estimate your payments. Enter your desired loan amount, choose the loan term, and select your repayment frequency to get a detailed breakdown of your financial commitment. With competitive rates and clear terms, our calculator helps you plan your finances effectively and with certainty.


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